Hi, friend! I'm Kristen. A writer, an introvert, a mama bird. I live in the crooked pines of California with my husband, my children, and a stinky little kitten. We own a brick & mortar toy shop, and create a home out of small spaces.

I am here to make you feel warm. To soften and soothe all the tender spaces in your ribs. In a space laced with milk & moonlight, I share honest, intimate and altogether ordinary tales about our sleepy little life, and the characters I meet. I believe in the profound power of storytelling. In the sacredness of a common moment - something slow and warm and familiar, like the sound of a humming kettle, the soil-sweet smell of ground coffee beans, the way the light looks more golden on a Sunday afternoon. My hope is that my writing, meditations & practices may remind you to slow down, and to notice.

Feel me here, inviting you in, pouring you something warm to drink. Sweet you, in all of your wild messiness and uncertainty, you are not alone.

sivananda yoga ashram, may 2012
institute for integrative nutrition, june 2013
mother roaster & postpartum doula, august 2015